Dennis lives in the sexual fast-lane of webcams and hook-up apps, but his recent diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer and its subsequent treatments are putting a kibosh on his libido.  Unlike many of his peers, Dennis survived the decimation of the AIDS epidemic physically, though not emotionally, intact. Now fifty-something, Dennis confronts a health-scare that hurls him into an identity crisis, waging a personal war between his favorite pastime and life itself. When the sudden prospect of intimacy with a younger man disrupts Dennis’s sexual status quo, his non-committal nature competes with an uncertain future. Humorous and heart-wrenching, Dennis looks at aging, grief, and changing identity, and asks not who we are, but who we become, when facing mortality and moving on from a past we’re compelled to honor.    


Run Time: 90 Minutes with no intermission.  

Dennis The Play is an Equity Approved Showcase

*These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

Photo Credit: James Eden (Home Page)

Photo Credit: Russ Rowland (All Cast Pictures)

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